In recent years, workplace has undergone a major overhaul where eight-hour days spent in office are a thing of the past. Today, progressive businesses are adapting to a more open, collaborative and flexible ways of working.

Despite changes, employees remain at the fundamental of every company. All teams must be able to adapt to new ways of working in order to thrive in today’s business landscape – and that’s where team building plays an important part!

On 22 March 2018, OMCS has organized team building day which was conducted by a team from Work Happiness.

Activities such as ‘The Search for the Dutchman’s GoldMine’ and ‘Understanding our DiSC Style’ were carried out for team members. Through these activities, we have learnt that:

Boosting communication in work place to improve relationship. Creating better communication and sharing of information creates better quality of work.

Inspires creative thinking and promotes problem solving skills which create a team of individuals able to find solutions where problems arise or even think strategically to resolve problems.

Provides motivation for team members. It is an opportunity for a member who may not be a leader at work to take on leadership role.

Different working styles have different priorities and needs. It is important to understand oneself and adapting in the right working environment.

And most importantly, we had FUN!